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Staysound - High Performance, Winning Value.



Staysound Qld Pty Ltd was established in the late 1980's on Australia's fabulous Gold Coast, which is renowned for its thoroughbred racing industry.  Through it's continued research and development, the company stands as a leading Australian producer of quality animal supplements.


The founder, Mr Ken Waterford, began his successful career as a jockey, and later was based for over 40 years at the Gold Coast Turf Club as a trainer. With his broad knowledge and expertise gained over many years, Ken was able to identify the need for treatments that satisfy the demands of the equine industry.


Our products are aimed at maintaining the health of horses in training, enabling them to achieve their optimum ability.  All products have been tested, ensuring quality and performance.


Staysound continues to expand its sales network both domestically and internationally.  This high level of commitment reflects the company's ongoing achievements in animal nutrition.  We can provide technical support for our product range, and we are always on hand to deal with questions relating to equine performance nutrition.






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