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Clay Poultice


What does Uptite do?

*      Aids in the relief of heat inflammation and soreness in horses.

*      Relieves quarter cracks, suspensory heat inflammation and aid in the relief of shin soreness.

*      Aids in the treatment of thrush, cuts, abrasions and tendons.

*      Use every day on fetlock joint

*      Impedes swelling caused by windgals.


Why do I need it?

*      Helps keep horses sound and in training.

*      Aids in speedy recovery from cuts and abrasions.

*      Calms leg ailments whilst soothing any inflammation and swelling.

*      Used as trainers as a preventative after exercise.


Why Uptite?

*      Because of its fast, cooling action.

*      It has been thoroughly tested, and a market leader for many years.






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