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We love hearing feedback on our products.   Below are just a few that we have received...

"I have been really happy with your products - Isopro, Max RBC, Hoof Conditioner and Hoof Guard. We currently have three sport horses competing in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing and they are all looking a treat with the Staysound products.
As a full time coach and rider, I am only too happy to recommend these products to my clients and friends."


Gayle Dorning, Mayberry Racing





"Tying up is a big problem with fillys.  Fast Finish has helped 'Macedon Lady' get to the finish line on many occasions, including the Thousand Guineas G1 1600m."


Trainer's quote




 "I love Staysound products, they do what they say they'll do..."


Jo Thompson








I started using Staysound Max RBC in 2007. Within 2 weeks my horses coats had darkened and were so glossy I could almost see myself! I was living in a very wet area at the time and keeping hooves and coasts healthy through the wet season was a nightmare. Problems such as seedy toe and tropical itch and rain scald made it very difficult to get my horses back into show condition at the beginning of each season. I began using Hoof Guard and the results were remarkable! For...tunately I have easy access to a great farrier (my partner) as the hooves were growing stronger and faster and their coats, manes and tails grew quickly as they stopped scratching on every available post!
I now use Flex Plus on my superstar 'Snowy', not because he has any problems but to maintain his joints and keep him healthy. I have seen remarkable results from both arthritic horses and dogs from this product. I can honestly say I have now used most of the products from the Staysound range, from Equivent, when my horses have a cough, Good as Gold when they are stressed and out of control, Derma Gel for cuts & wounds, Isopro to rehydrate them after heavy work and especially when traveling to shows.
Yes, I like the product so much I now sell it here in NQ and have difficulty keeping up supply!


Sally Blanch

Owner 'Pure Dust Country Clothing'


"When my horse Adam injured himself during a paddock accident, I thought his competition career was left in limbo. He completely sliced off the bulb of the heel and had a terribly concerning amount of coronet damage. As his hoof began to ...develop an unusual fold, I became increasingly worried and began looking for a product to aid the healing process which would give him the best chance of being sound again. After using Staysound Hoof Guard for three weeks, the difference was incredible. Not only had the heel become stronger and the area where the coronet had been damaged accelerated in growth, but also the skin which had not yet grown over quickly closed up. In the early stages of his recovery I applied Derma Gel twice daily which kept away nasty infections and provided intense and fast skin care.
Adam is now back competing, and won his second event since his return to the competition arena. He is now 100% sound and my farrier has given him the all clear.
Without these wonderful products, I don't think we would have made it through the recovery process so quickly.
Thank you for such wonderful products."


Evelyn Williamson









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