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Hoof Guard....

Hoof health and coat care

What is Hoof Guard?

*      Hoof Guard is a biotin, methionine, zinc and msm supplement, containing many nutrients known to promote hoof growth, hoof quality and improve coat condition.


Why do I need it?

*      Biotin is essential for the production of Keratin Sulphate, which is the structural component of the hoof horn.  The deficiency of biotin in the diet can cause cracks and brittleness in the hoof.

*      Contains a concentrated source of Sulphur.   Methionine and MSM are a rich source of bio-available sulphur.

*      Calcium is an essential mineral for keratin stabilization and cohesion of the hoof wall. 

*      Zinc is vital for the healing of all epidermal tissue, especially the hooves.







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